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Fredericton, New Brunswick, May 27, 2015 - The Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals/Association canadienne des professionels des services alimentaires (CAFP/ACPSA) held their 41st annual conference at the Delta Fredericton from 27th -29th 2015.

This year's “Come and Hear the Buzz” theme targeted professionals from all areas of the food service and hospitality industry including operators and manufacturers, sales professionals, educators, industry executives, suppliers and students. The agenda, filled with exciting educational and social events, inspired, educated and motivated all delegates.

The delegates were wowed by our opening presenter, Pierre Battah, an expert on The Multigenerational Workplace - Working Effectively Together, who gave us some insights into generational traits and how we can appreciate them. And remember he had one of the most challenging presentations. Through the storm, power outages and all, Pierre did a fine job.

Sally Wells showed us how we can create a workplace that is respectful and where all workers are engaged. Her presentation, Conflict in the Workplacegave us lots of food for thought on creating a positive work environment within our workplaces.

Hope Blooms is Jessie Jollymore’s story about founding this organization in the North End of Halifax, NS in 2005. Their mission is to empower at-risk youth to be actively engaged in building environments that directly impact the social determinants of health in their communities. Who can forget those wonderful youth who spoke to us about their challenges and the positive differenceHope Blooms has made in their lives. There were few dry eyes left at the end of this presentation. Jessie is a true inspiration and role model for aspiring community nutritionists!

Farm to Table...that expression seems to be so overdone...we all know where food comes from and where it goes. But do we really? New Brunswick farmers who really walk the talk, who bring their food directly to our tables in some groundbreaking ways told us their stories. Dave Wolpin and Levi Lawrence are innovative and, each has developed a direct connection between the farmer and our plates.


Growing and Marketing Organic Cranberries – Kathy Nason and her daughter joined us for Saturday’s breakfast as we sampled the fruits of their labour. Their story about an organic family-run cranberry farm, Springbrook Cranberry Inc., was thoughtful and from the heart. An entire family, who decided to delve into farming growing challenging and wonderful certified organic cranberries, is a true story of love.

How can you BEE the BUZZ? By energizing your mind through fabulous and practical techniques! Janice Butler guided us through fun and dynamic activities based around the effect of our environment. What we see and hear affects our energy! We were presented with key ways to refresh our minds to find a balance during our hectic days and, therefore, be more creative and innovate! A great way to finish off our education program.

We provided an opportunity for member presenters to share their experiences in a more formal session -

Darren Shackleton, Ottawa Branch President, told about Building your Executive, Volunteering for Success! This session, based on his personal experience on over 40 boards, gave us tips and strategies for building a great team; insights to successes and failures; best practices; new ideas in recruiting and selecting the right people for the right positions...and what to do with the wrong people.

Lunch, Learn, Laugh! The mission of this program is that all children in school will enjoy a healthy lunch to nourish their full learning potential with universal equal access by Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017. Did you know 10% of school children in this country go to school hungry and don’t have a snack or lunch? The Toronto Branch has been working on the Lunch, Learn, Laugh initiative and was proud to tell us about it.

National Aramark Gold Plate winner (2013), Emily Meko turned a summer job into a career. Eat What's Good - a vegan and gluten-free foods eatery in Chatham, ON.She shared, via video, her lessons learned about the importance of an education in food services and combining disciples (nutrition, food science, and culinary training); of mentorship & support networks; and lessons learned as an entrepreneur.

Jim Kostuch,VP & CEO of TrainCan, Inc., told us about Food Safety Culture, Why?...Cross Contamination. This session provided a brief history on the importance of proper food handling and of creating a food safety culture in your organization. Also, Jim gave a thought-provoking demonstration of cross contamination and how easily it can occur.

Marketing to your Members provided concrete tools to analyze the effectiveness of our current initiatives, and assisted with developing new ideas. Marc Haine, with over 35 years experience in the hospitality industry, shared some of his pearls of wisdom on recruitment.


YES, WE CAN’T STOP TALKING ABOUT OUR NEW WEBSITE. We were so thrilled and excited to launch it during the conference. This marked the beginning of a new, more interactive way of communications for CAFP. Hurray!

Our Lunch Celebrations -

Don’t forget our lunches. Thursday was our Awards luncheon which recognized the accomplishments of our members and some Branches. It is the official kick-off of conference. The team at this Delta Hotel, worked hard to ensure great menus that satisfied our "foodies”.

Friday noon, our CAFP Student Awards Luncheon where we met the future of our industry and celebrated their successes! It is awe inspiring to meet these young people are so enthusiastic and contribute to all our lives in so many positive ways.

The Credentialed Food Executive (CFE) Awards Luncheon was all about some of the great people at in CAFP and celebrated their wonderful accomplishments! We recognized those members of our profession who have gone the extra mile to earn this professional credential - some for the very first time and others for the second to fifth time, achieving the highest or Diamond level.

On Thursday night, remember the I-Gen Party! Dressed in the colour and style of the generation you identified with the most, everyone had fun dancing the night away to the great tunes of our Remarkable DJ, Randy Wolman...and the winning team of the night’s events won without an electronic device. Brainpower trumps the digital age!

The Maritime Kitchen Party

A trip to the Maritimes isn’t complete without instead of the Black Tie Presidents’ Gala...we had a very a festive occasion... Maritimes-style. This is the event of our conferencewhere our 2015 Food Executive of the Year, Dr Natalie Carrier was announced. Congratulations Natalie! We cracked a few cold ones, ateeat some lobster and danced the night away, maritime-style.

Yes, the honey pot was overflowing with sweet surprises. Our beekeepers are now buzzing around and enjoying the summer flowers, trees, and lakes and all the wonderful outdoor activities this great country of ours has to offer. One of the bees was even seen playing a quick game of tennis last week...Imagine, our versatile bees.

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Originally founded over 110 years ago, CAFP has withstood the test of time by maintaining its relevance in a continually changing business environment. By listening to our members, tracking their needs, and those of the foodservice and hospitality industry, we have adapted our programs to meet these evolving requirements. CAFP is one of the originators of change management.

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