Nationial Awards

The goal of the national awards program is to recognize the branches and the leaders in our association who truly embrace our endeavors for outstanding and exceptional initiatives. The categories are:

Categories Description
1. Education Branch participation in an educational seminar or event over and above monthly meetings. Opening a new Professional branch… etc.
2. Communications Communications initiatives that improve communications to branch members that result in increased membership or member participation and customer satisfaction… etc.
3. Community Service e.g. Outreach programs for financially deprived or mentally and physically challenged groups… etc.
4. Special Events Branch responsible for planning and presenting a ½ - 1 or 2 day seminar for members and non members of the foodservice and hospitality industry. Focus on specific industry segment.
5. Student Development Special student program, e.g. career fair, high school seminar, new student branch.


About Us

Originally founded over 110 years ago, CAFP has withstood the test of time by maintaining its relevance in a continually changing business environment. By listening to our members, tracking their needs, and those of the foodservice and hospitality industry, we have adapted our programs to meet these evolving requirements. CAFP is one of the originators of change management.

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Lilian Button, CFE

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