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So, you added a couple of Canadianized ethnic items to your cycle menu…or you had a special night of ethnic food in your dining facility…or you hired someone who didn’t look, dress, or act the same as you and the rest of your current staff…and you thought you were “doing something for cultural diversity”.  Think again!  Times have evolved and managing our foodservices operations, especially the human resources, involves an increased awareness of and attention to diversity and cultural sensitivity.

We are pleased to announce our conference key note speaker, Gobinder Gill, whose presentation of Evolution of the Unthinkable in Foodservices will help you think outside the box. 

Did you know that in the coming years, close to 33% of the new positions in Canada will have to be filled by new immigrants?  And that many of these newcomers will be from the developing countries?

This changing mosaic of our workforce will most likely create cultural tension in the workplace!  It is crucial that everyone needs to understand one another or else, as an owner, supervisor, manager, or a human resource professional, you will have workplace culture tensions that creates a divisive team.   Remember, the consequences when cultural diversity isn’t embraced in a workplace - a decrease in profit and/or a decrease in productivity.  Gobinder will inform us about steps to take so that you can ensure that your organization is ready to embrace diversity and cultural sensitivity – it’s good business. 

Oh, and if you are now having second thoughts about those customer demands for more culturally authentic foods, Gobinder will touch on this topic during his presentation.

His story and his passion for cultural diversity is unparalleled.  He has lived with the very bad and the very good that cultural diversity can bring and has the courage to share his personal story.  Gobinder will help you evolve to meet the changing world, think forward, adapt, and face your fears of the unknown.

Want to learn more about Gobinder Gill, an award-winning speaker, broadcaster, actor, author and columnist -  check out his website at www.gobindergill.com.


Wade Bayne - VP Sales & Marketing Global Gardens Group

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Wade is a senior sales and marketing executive with 28 years of experience in consumer goods including three Fortune 500 companies. Wade has strategic expertise in crafting and executing brand and sales strategies. Prior to his current position as VP Sales & Marketing, Global Gardens Group, Wade spent four years with Molson Coors as Director of Sales.  Previously he was the Associate Marketing Director at Procter & Gamble.  Wade has a MBA from Queen’s School of Business.

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