National Bursary Program

The Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals administers National Bursaries to encourage students to develop themselves in the culinary, supervisory, hospitality, managerial, and dietetic programs. The bursaries are presented at the Annual CAFP National Conferences.

The Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals administers National Bursaries to encourage students to develop themselves in the culinary, supervisory, hospitality, managerial and dietetic programs.

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This year, Ecolab will be offering  four $1,000 bursaries and they will go to deserving students enrolled in a Food Services, Hospitality or Dietetic program.

4 Bursaries

Campbell’s Company of Canada will be awarding a $1,000 bursary to a deserving 4th year Dietetic/Nutrition student who is pursuing an internship next year and is an active member of their student CAFP branch.

1 Bursary


Tyson Foods is sponsoring four $500 bursaries for a deserving student enrolled in a Food Services, Hospitality, or Dietetic program. This award known as the Jim Campbell bursary is presented to a student in memory of Mr. Campbell for his work with the association in conjunction with Tyson.

4 Bursaries

apetito Canada Limited is sponsoring a $1,000 bursary which will be awarded to a deserving student enrolled in a Chefs or culinary program in Canada that is affiliated with the CAFP. Only returning students are eligible for this bursary.

1 Bursary

This $1,000 bursary will be awarded to a CAFP student member who best represents the qualities that Don McPhie brought to the association and industry. The recipient will be a well-rounded student, who demonstrates a strong commitment to the association and to their chosen field. Like Don McPhie, the winner will have demonstrated effort to strengthen their student branch, show progressive experience and growth within the industry as well as community involvement.

1 Bursary

This $1,000 bursary will be awarded to a CAFP student member who demonstrates exceptional humanitarian strengths as well as involvement in school activities and volunteer work.

I Bursary

This $500 bursary is open to a deserving student enrolled in a Food Service, Hospitality or Dietetics program who has demonstrated support and development of life skills in young children or adolescents by working with related agencies, mentoring, or volunteering. i.e. girls & boys clubs, big brother/big sister, boy scouts, girl guides etc.

I Bursary

Bunge Oils (a manufacturer of shortenings, oils, and margarines) is awarding a $1000 bursary to a deserving student enrolled in a chefs or culinary program, a student member of CAFP, and one who has demonstrated leadership within the industry.

1 Bursary

Nestle Professional

Nestle Professional will be awarding 2 -  $1,000 bursary to a deserving active member of their student CAFP branch

2 Bursary

Students must be active members of a student branch of the Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals to be eligible for the CAFP bursaries, Bunge and Campbell’s bursary listed above.

Application Information for National Bursary Programs

Eligibility for these bursaries includes enrollment in a two or three-year college diploma program or a university degree program in hotel, food services, hospitality or dietetic field. Please note that High school students are not eligible for these bursaries.

Applicants are scored on their scholastic ability, work experience within the industry, financial need, and their commitment to the industry. The applications must be post marked by March 8

The application packages include an instruction sheet on what is required for submission, an application form, and a faculty recommendation form. Please note - more than the information listed below does not secure higher points in the judging process.

The following is required to be included in the package for consideration:

  1. The completed Applicant Information Form
  2. A one page essay describing the students motivation and career objectives
  3. A current resume
  4. A faculty recommendation form completed by a course professor who knows the applicant well and can comment in a meaningful way on the criteria listed. This can also be the program director or faculty advisor. Please note that it must be returned in a sealed envelope.
  5. A current school transcript
  6. One letter of reference from a previous or current employer, teacher or non-relative
  7. For the Ron Whittet Bursary only you must also include:
    A separate list of your involvement and contribution on behalf of humanity. Include experience and participation in community groups, church groups, volunteer work, Scouting and Guide programs, and/or other charitable involvement.
    Two additional letters of reference in a separately sealed envelope from individuals who know of your participation in these program
  8. For the Campbell’s Bursary you must indicate acceptance of a dietetic internship posting to begin within the year (last question found on Applicant Information Form

All bursaries will be presented at the Annual CAFP National Conference.

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Please note that some senior branches of the CAFP sponsor bursaries and awards that are separate from this National Bursary program.


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